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With a background in sketch comedy, actor/writer/director Greg Benson has become one of the internet’s most well-known video personalities. From his own home production studio Greg creates irreverent and decidedly un-PC comedy videos which are best suited for the uncensored internet.

Benson’s short films, web series and prank videos have gone from scoring top hits on YouTube (where his channel MediocreFilms is one of the Most Subscribed of All Time), to promoted channels on MySpace and iTunes, to recent appearances on ABC and NBC.

His unique comedic view has led to directing projects for studios such as MTV, Sony Pictures Television, The Weinstein Company and 20th Century Fox. Greg has also directed several popular web series including Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show (distributed by Sony), Retarded Policeman (viewed over 100 million times at YouTube) and The Guild (winner of Best Online Series at the YouTube Awards, Yahoo Awards and Streamy Awards).


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