Депутат Европарламента обвинил СМИ Запада во лжи о Крыме и путче на Украине

Депутат Европарламента Эвальд Штадлер обвинил СМИ Запада во лжи о Крыме и путче на Украине.

Ewald Stadler spricht über Erfahrungen als Wahlbeobachter auf der Krim

Ирина Таркани пишет:

To mister Barack Obama (USA) and madam Angela Merkel (Germany).
I – the ordinary Russian woman from Siberia, been born in Ukraine at the time of the USSR, mother of five children, want to address to madam Merkel who has forgotten history, and to mister Obama who wasn’t knowing it never.
Never and to anybody in the world it wasn’t succeeded to force Russia to the knees. You know why? Russia never attacked, it only was protected and protected others. Whatever strong was the enemy, not the weapon was our main force, and strength of mind of the Russian people and the Truth. With the Truth the Soviet people rushed under the German tanks, having tied with itself with grenades. They teeth kept the earth of Stalingrad in the winter of 1943, but didn’t let fascists further, and drove evil spirits from our earth to Berlin… You forgot it, Frau Merkel? … Russians will choose death for the sake of the Truth, than life in humiliation.
Russia now is at war for the Truth, trying to inform its world, to convict you of your dirty business on destruction of Ukraine. Because the Ukrainian and Russian people are the one people, you divided it and you sow discord.
You don’t pass the Truth in your mass media that your people couldn’t understand your artful plans and intentions, and also your dirty participation that came true in Ukraine.
You can pull out Russian language that they couldn’t catch you in a lie. then we will write the Truth, and it will read.
You can pull out Russian of a hand. We will learn to write with feet the Truth.
Tear off Russian of a foot, and we teeth a morzyanka will knock and so loudly to knock that will be audible around the world.
Pull out teeth, and we will continue to tick the head the Truth morzyanka…
You, and to you not to get used, kill us, but we through asphalt will sprout spring dandelions and, having been dismissed, we will carry Truth seeds worldwide. We scarlet poppies will get out of hand on squares at you before the White House and the Bundestag, as a mute reproach in your crimes.
Not to break such people never and to anybody because we are RUSSIANS! With us HOWEVER, and for us GOD.
For you – LIE, DIRT and BLOOD.
You at first wash the hands from blood of millions Soviet children, the Jewish children, children of Vietnam, children of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, children of Belgrad destroyed by bombing by you and Serbia, Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, at last.
Take away the dirty, blood-stained hands from Ukraine, regain consciousness, come round, confess, ask forgiveness for God and for the people to which you brought tears and ruin. The Nobel winner Barack Obama, give the award to children of Ukraine. Your award of the world is a slap in the face to all mankind, a shame of the Nobel committee. Frau Merkel, re-read history of Germany, be terrified and cry. About eternal already it is time for you to reflect.

Natalya Levina. Russia. Krasnoyarsk Krai.
March 22, 2014.

PS. Very much I ask experts to give me help the translation of the text on the German and English languages that it was possible to send this letter directly to addressees to the USA and Germany.


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