Relax & Enjoy, Vol. 1 (Best of Chill Lounge and Ambient Tunes)

Лучшая расслабляющая музыка. Наслаждайтесь…

1. 00:00:00 Dream Project Where Are You (Deep Moods Chillout Mix) (Deep Moods Chillout Mix)
2. 00:04:12 Artenovum Bizarre Moments (Mystic Ambient Cut) (Mystic Ambient Cut)
3. 00:09:00 Jean Mare Lost Shadows (Downbeat Mix) (Downbeat Mix)
4. 00:13:16 Richard Bonnée Just for You (Harmonic Chillout Cut) (Harmonic Chillout Cut)
5. 00:18:00 Ann Grace Soul Walker
6. 00:22:26 Wallenski Regentropfen
7. 00:28:07 For Found Future Dreamlands Harmony (Chillout Melody Mix) (Chillout Melody Mix)
8. 00:32:35 Frank Doberitz Sea of Love (Cosmic Model Instrumental Mix) (Cosmic Model Instrumental Mix)
9. 00:37:15 Lebensart Enigmatic Chiller (Mystic Guitar Chill Mix) (Mystic Guitar Chill Mix)
10. 00:42:17 Jean Mare Ageless (Allmira Enigmatic Mix) (Allmira Enigmatic Mix)
11. 00:47:09 Mare et Monti Why Through the Forest (Electronic Downbeat Mix) (Electronic Downbeat Mix)
12. 00:52:45 Artenovum Harmony in Paradise (Bittersweet Memories Mix) (Bittersweet Memories Mix)
13. 00:57:30 Wallenski Reise
14. 01:03:18 Oliver Schlolaut Sea of Love (Aqualuna Vocal Remix) (Aqualuna Vocal Remix)
15. 01:07:12 Soundset City Floating Away (Dream Lounge Mix) (Dream Lounge Mix)
16. 01:12:14 Peter Pearson As the Sun Sets
17. 01:16:26 For Found Future The Forest Dreams (Artenovum Piano Mix) (Artenovum Piano Mix)
18. 01:21:28 Artenovum Elibra (Easy Chillout Mix) (Easy Chillout Mix)
19. 01:26:59 Richard Bonnée Abstract Matrix (Deep Sphere Sky Mix) (Deep Sphere Sky Mix)
20. 01:31:16 Artenovum Blue Odyssey (Angelina Downbeat Mix) (Angelina Downbeat Mix)
21. 01:35:54 Jean Mare Space Experience (Electronic Sphere Mix) (Electronic Sphere Mix)
22. 01:41:49 For Found Future A Place in the Sun (Sunset Chillout Mix) (Sunset Chillout Mix)

“Relax & Enjoy” Vol.1 is a new compilation series with 2 hours sound pleasure. You will be confined of fascinated and wonderful soundscapes. Enjoy the relaxing moments with international artists of the lounge and chillout genre such as Artenovum, Jean Mare, Newton, Soundset City, For Found Future and many more. Let swing your body and soul and chill at the sound of these great tracks. Best of Chill Lounge and Ambient Tunes.

© 2015 Freebeat Music Records


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