10 Самых необычных архитектурных проектов

Alien architecture, gravity-defying homes, giant rabbits. Today we hunt: BizArchitecture.

10. Architecture that is quite literally revolutionary. Including the: a Rotating House; Moving Architecture; Rotating Skyscrapers; Homes with Rotating Roofs; and the Rotating Tower in Dubai.

9. This 1,000 square foot cabin of the future sits above the ground on stilts that are three floors high.

8. Hobbit-style architecture might seem like a blast from the past, but these are meant to reflect affordable eco homes of the future.

7. The Romans had a Torjan horse, and now the Chinese have a gigantic bunny, the Macau Pavilion for the Shanghai World Expo. The color-changing jade rabbit represents mythology and it trips you out!

6. Houseboats just got greener with the Schwimmhaus, made from scrapwood As a special bonus you get to flush your toilet into the ocean. A nice upgrade DIY redneck houseboat.

5. Alien Architecture. The Gigal Bar is filled with skeletons and spinal cords, all designed by Han Rudi Giger, the genius behind the Alien movies.

4. This 500-storey skyscraper has been designed to reach a mile into the sky. It would house 100,000 people and the elevator rides, would suck.

3. Ocean lovers will enjoy the Seashell and Nautilus Homes. Both are shaped like snail shells with twirling interiors.

2. The green exteriors of flowering architecture, living walls, Greenchitecture, and G-sky.

1. A gravity defying tie between real fairytale houses, treehouses on log stilts, treehouse homes, uber him eco homes, and gravity-defying buildings.


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